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Democrats' National Security plan leaked to Raw Story

Published: Tuesday March 28, 2006

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RAW STORY has obtained a copy of Congressional Democrats' National Security plan, which will be released tomorrow. (A copy of the report may be viewed in PDF format here.)

The plan, which has been in discussion for some time, was leaked early Tuesday. RAW STORY will print the document in full tomorrow. Democratic leaders in the House and Senate declined to comment on the leaked proposal.

The 10-page brochure, printed both in English and Spanish, outlines the party's strategies with regards to securing the US from terrorist attacks and "restoring" the US position abroad. Broken into five parts, the document outlines the party's strategy for the "21st Century Military," the "War on Terror," "Homeland Security," "Iraq" and "Energy Independence."

Democrats say their first goal if elected to a majority will be the immediate implementation of the 9/11 Commission's recommendations. The plan repeats this goal, or objectives relating to it, several times, calling for tighter screening at chemical and nuclear plants and key parts of America's transportation and agricultural infrastructure. Specifically, it alludes to the Dubai ports deal, saying the party won't cede ports to "foreign interests that put America at risk."

In the area of energy independence, Democrats plan on "eliminating reliance" on Middle East oil and exploring alternative energy sources. They say they intend to ensure independence from foreign oil by 2020.

The focal point of Democrats' plan for the military is to guarantee certain levels of pay and ongoing benefits to American soldiers, to secure nuclear materials and to expand US Special Forces. They call for the U.S. to prevent the creation of future terrorists through the "elimination of terrorist breeding grounds."

On Iraq, the party seeks accountability for intelligence failures and intends to "repair" alliances and ensure Iraqi self-reliance.

The report is to be unveiled officially at 1 pm EST at Union Station in Washington D.C. RAW STORY will release the full document early Wednesday.