Drudge makes light of mourning Iraqi woman with resemblance to Bush

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Mike Sheehan
Published: Monday November 27, 2006

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The Drudge Report is highlighting a Reuters photo of a mourning Iraqi woman whose partially obscured face bears a slight resemblance to that of President Bush.

The blog "Confederate Yankee" was first to report on the curious resemblance in the Kareem Raheem photograph, which Drudge is now featuring with the caption "WIRE PHOTO MYSTERY: BUSH IN BURQA?" and an additional headline questioning whether the image has been altered, or "photoshopped." The woman, accompanied by two other grieving Iraqis, is standing behind what appears to be a coffin.

"Confederate Yankee" remarks that evidence for the alteration of the photo include "rather odd smudges and apparent artifacts around the heads of the two women on the left when the photo is enlarged" as well as the woman's "rather uncanny resemblance" to Bush.

Earlier this year, a Reuters photo by Adnan Hajj that had obvious changes in it triggered a wide reaction from bloggers.