Editor's note on the holidays and new comment policy

Published: Saturday December 23, 2006
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The short time between Hanukkah and Christmas seems like an excellent opportunity to remind our readers of all faiths (including "none," of course) how grateful we are for their support this year. Thank you all from everyone at Raw Story. We hope you have, or had, a wonderful holiday.

This is also a very good time to ask everyone to think about some things that should be important to us all: respect and common decency.

For a very long time, we were proud to be able to say that our comments threads were free forums where all readers could express their thoughts, no matter how trivial, profound, thoughtful or repugnant. Of course, comments that came to our attention as excessively profane, personally abusive or bigoted, or that suggested violence, were removed. Sadly, this time has now come to an end.

While we have been assured that we are working to implement a new comment system featuring conversation threads, guest registration and greater interactivity, it hasn't come as quickly as the escalation of the hate speech on our haloscan comments to an unmanageable level. As a result, all comments posted on our story pages will now be moderated. Please understand that this will cause a delay in the posting of some comments, but is a necessary move on our part.

If a personally abusive, excessively profane, bigoted, violent or otherwise inappropriate comment does slip by the updating staff, please let us know by emailing [email protected] immediately. We do not feel compelled to host them.

In spite of the small number of incredibly persistent pests, we are confident that most of our readers are people of good will who are more interested in thoughtful discourse on the issues of the day than sifting through hateful rants. We hope that this will encourage many of you out there who had been discouraged by the tone and content of the comments to now participate.

To those traveling for the holidays, we wish you a safe journey and good times with loved ones. And to everyone, have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Thank you,

Raw Story staff