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Explosion near Musharraf residence, no casualties or damage

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Wednesday October 4, 2006

Islamabad- An explosion in a park near Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf's residence Tuesday evening sparked rumours of an attempt on the president's life, but police said it caused no casualties or damage. Police chief Marwat Ali Shah of Rawalpindi, where the explosion occurred, dismissed the incident as "nothing big."

The explosive, planted in the open, vast, jungle-like Ayub Park, only threw up dirt and stones about 100 metres away. The park had closed about 90 minutes before the explosion took place at 1635 GMT, police sources said.

Presidential spokesman Major General Shaukat Sultan said the explosion made no impact on the army buildings in the vicinity, including the official residence of President Musharraf.

Musharraf, who is also army chief, prefers to live in the army residence in Rawalpindi rather than the presidential palace in the adjoining capital Islamabad.

Security forces cordoned off the area after the explosion, which snarled the traffic on the main highway into Rawalpindi and caused rumours to spread about a possible attempt on Musharraf, who has survived two bomb attacks during his tenure.

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