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Fact Checking Difficult and Infrequent in CIA Reports

Published: Tuesday July 18, 2006

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Fact checking the contents of reports published by the CIA is very difficult because of the agency's routine publishing procedures, RAW STORY has learned.

A report posted to the Federation of American Scientists' Secrecy News weblog explains that while sources are included at the end of reports produced by the CIA, they are rarely linked to particular items in the text, making it difficult even the agency's analysts to check out the claims made in intelligence documents.

Secrecy News, which is produced by FAS's Steven Aftergood, quoted former CIA analyst Allen Thomson on this problem. The blog item refers to the example of a 2002 CIA report warning that al Qaeda is recruiting among incarcerated individuals at places like Guantanamo Bay and other US detention facilities involved in the war on terrorism.

The Secrecy News post is available at Aftergood's blog.