First interview: Snow says he's not coming to drink Kool Aid

Published: Wednesday April 26, 2006

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In his first interview since accepting the job of White House Press Secretary with Cox News, Tony Snow says he will feel free to express his opinions at the White House and isn't coming to 'drink the Kool Aid.'


Q. Your criticism of him in the past, are you free to keep telling him that kind of stuff now that you are on the payroll?

A. Probably not in those exact words.

Q. But the same message? They want to hear it?

A. Yeah. They want people to express their opinions. You're not coming here to drink the Kool-Aid. You're coming here to serve the president. And at this particular juncture I think what you want is as much honest counsel as you can get. So when I agree I'm going to agree but when I disagree. But on any opinion his vote is the tie-breaker.