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Foley attorney claims client abused as child; no inappropriate sexual contact with minor

Published: Tuesday October 3, 2006

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In a press conference held today in West Palm Beach, Fla., attorney David Roth who represents disgraced Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) insisted that, though the congressman did indeed engage in graphic electronic correspondence with teenage boys, he never had inappropriate physical contact with any of them.

He also announced that Foley’s actions are connected to his own abuse by a Catholic priest as an adolescent boy, and confirmed that the congressman is indeed a homosexual, a fact which was suspected long before the internet sex scandal was made public.

Earlier today, rumors swirled around Washington that a major bombshell would be revealed after 5 pm. Sources originally attributed it to National Journal, but editors there quickly denied having any inside information to RAW STORY. Shortly after, ABC News promised a "bombshell" coming from a press conference held by Foley's attorney in West Palm Beach.

This is the first official public announcement that Foley is gay, though rumors of his homosexuality have been widespread for years.

His abuse at the hands of a member of the clergy had not been previously disclosed.

FBI officials are investigating his conduct, which may be felonious even in the absence of direct sexual contact with any underage boys.

A full video of the press conference is available here (large 24mb WMV file).