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Former German athlete Breuer rejects doping allegations

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Saturday December 23, 2006

Hamburg- Germany's former 400-metres runner Grit Breuer has rejected doping allegations against her and said she was "dismayed and surprised" at being under investigation. Breuer, a European champion over the distance, told Sunday's Hamburger Abendblatt Sonntags newspaper, that "very vague suspicions" which had not been examined had been made public.

The 34-year-old former runner from Magdeburg, who retired a year ago, said she would also like to see "more fairness in dealing with athletes from eastern Germany."

The German Athletics Federation has begun legal investigations against Breuer and Olympic 800 metre champion Nils Schumann for alleged breach of anti-doping rules.

The investigations are a result of files made available during doping proceedings against athletics coach Thomas Springstein, who is under criminal investigation after an underage athlete was found to be involved in doping.

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