GOP candidate wants 'compulsory' gay marriage

Mike Sheehan
Published: Monday October 30, 2006

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In a blog item posted with tongue planted firmly in cheek, Republican congressional candidate Steve Finger says gay marriage should be "compulsory."

Finger entered a post at The Hill's 'Congress Blog' in which he writes, "...I was recently asked my opinion on the subject of gay marriage. I think it should be not only legal but compulsory.

"I'd like to see those guys get up each morning and apologize just like us straight married guys do. Give us something in common."

The GOP candidate for U.S. Congress from New York's 11th Distric, Finger is also running as a Libertarian.

He is not expected to present much of a challenge to Democratic candidate Yvette Clarke; in the 2004 election, the retiring Major Owens (D) was re-elected with 94 percent of the district's vote.