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GOP intercepts plans to unveil Democrats' security platform

Published: Monday March 27, 2006

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Republicans have intercepted an e-mail containing secret plans to unveil the Democrats' plans to unveil their national security platform this Wednesday, Roll Call is reporting.

Excerpts from the Roll Call story follow:


Well, they almost got their act together. Thrilled to finally be using the word “agenda” in the same breath as “Democratic Party” and buoyed by a crumbling presidency and a corruption-plagued GOP party, Democrats were handed a bummer Friday when an e-mail plotting a news conference to unveil their national security strategy fell into enemy hands.

Republicans were tickled when they intercepted a missive written by Democratic operative Stephanie Cutter seeking law enforcement involvement in the Democrats’ covertly planned national security event set for Wednesday.


Cutter, who recently left Capitol Hill to form the Cutter Media Group, was looking to gather “20 or so” law enforcement officers on stage at Union Station for the event, where Congressional Democratic leaders plan for the first time to formally unveil a strategic presentation on how the party, if it regains control of Congress, would protect the United States against terrorism and other national security threats. Or just call it “How Democrats hope to steal the Republicans’ ace in the hole.”

According to Cutter’s e-mail, Democratic leaders will use Wednesday’s event to commit to making implementation of the 9/11 commission’s recommendations “our first act when Democrats regain control of the Senate and/or House.”


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