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GRAPHIC: Images of suffering, death on Arab TV after series of Israeli, Hezbollah strikes

David Edwards
Published: Wednesday July 19, 2006

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[A note to RAW STORY readers: The video linked to in this article contains graphic images. Because this is the only video of casulaties we could find, we believe it is important to present it to our readers. We wish to inform you that the broadcast is harsh and contains references to "Zionist" and "rapist entity." ]

A video of broadcasts from inside the war-torn Middle East of the conflict in Lebanon compiled by RAW STORY from Link TV shows grotesque images of the rising civilian toll of the ongoing strife. As a warning to readers, the video is graphic and shows images of dead children.

American media traditionally avoids showing the human toll of violent attacks.

During the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina, the media did show some images of the death and suffering created by government inaction, giving viewers an appreciation of the dire conditions. In contrast, viewers have no such understanding of the depth of suffering in the current Mideast crisis.

LinkTV's Mosaic provides daily rebroadcasts of selected news from Mideast television news. The following video is a compilation of scenes from Arab TV that leave the viewer with an idea of the human toll taken by the raging conflict between Israel and Hezbollah.