Group files for injunction to halt evoting in Colorado, California

Published: Wednesday June 28, 2006

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A group is asking courts in Colorado and California to grant injunctions halting the use of certain electronic voting systems, RAW STORY has learned.

Voter Action will file a motion for a preliminary injunction today to halt the use of Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting systems in Colorado's November elections. This comes on the heels of a complaint filed by the nonprofit on June 1 against the use of DRE's made by Diebold Election Systems, Sequoia Voting Systems, ES&S, and Hart InterCivic in upcoming state elections.

In the filings, a number of academics and voting technology experts provided sworn declarations that the DRE's present unprecedented and unacceptable security and operational risks. Some will also testify at an evidentiary hearing to be scheduled before Judge Lawrence Manzanares of the Denver District Court.

In the coming days, Voter Action will also file for a motion for preliminary injunction in California to block the use of Diebold DRE's in the November 2006 elections. The case relating to this injunction was filed in March. The complaint in the California case, which led several counties to return to paper ballots, is directed at the counties intending to use Diebold touch screen computers.

The Colorado and California filings include, according to the group, evidence of security, accuracy, reliability, and verifiability problems with DRE's and will illustrate the tendency of DRE's to malfunction, which could result in voter disenfranchisement through break downs, delays and long lines.

A study released yesterday by the Brennan Center for Justice called the most comprehensive review of its kind found that electronic voting machine security flaws "pose a real danger to the integrity of national, state and local elections."

Action previously supported successful litigation in New Mexico to block the purchase and use of DRE computerized voting systems. The group is also currently supporting similar efforts in Arizona, California, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania.