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House Judiciary Committee backs Net Neutrality effort

Published: Thursday May 25, 2006

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A bipartisan bill brought to the House Judiciary Committee that sought to derail a proposed 'two-tier' Internet plan in which telecommunications companies would charge Internet sites fees to ensure their site was delivered faster than other sites passed the House Judiciary Committee today by a 20-13 vote, RAW STORY has learned.

The roll call vote for the House Judiciary Committee is available at

"This is an amazing turnaround, from a bipartisan stance against net neutrality, to a bipartisan stance for net neutrality," Matt Stoller, who led part of the blogger coalition against the telecommunications plan. "The battle isn't over, but enjoy this victory.

Legislation to block the telecom plan is also expected in the Senate from Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND). The roll call vote follows.


Democrats Conyers - yes Berman - yes Boucher - yes Nadler - yes Scott - yes Watt - not voting Lofgren - yes Jackson-Lee - yes Waters - yes Meehan - not voting Delahunt - present Wexler - yes Weiner - yes Schiff - yes Sanchez, Linda - yes Van Hollen - yes Wasserman Schultz - yes

Republicans Sensenbrenner - yes Hyde - didn't vote Coble - no Smith - no Gallegly - no Goodlate - yes Chabot - no Lungren - yes Jenkins - yes Cannon - yes Bachus - no Inglis - yes Hostetler - no Green - no Keller - no Flake - not voting Pence - not voting Forbes - no King - no Feeney - no Frank - no Gohmert - not voting