House adds mass email blocking software

Published: Monday June 12, 2006

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The House Chief Administration Officer has announced a new program which will stymie automated, mass emai programs. The new system, if added to Congressional websites, will require the site visitor to complete a 'logic puzzle' to reduce the number of messages sent via automatic programs, today's ROLL CALL REPORTS.

So far sixty members of Congress have adopted the program.

Excerpts from the registration-restricted article follow:


In the battle against unwanted mass e-mails targeting Members’ offices, the House Chief Administrative Officer has upped the ante.

Late last month, the CAO’s office announced the availability of a “logic puzzle” feature as an optional enhancement to the “Write Your Representative” online service already offered to House offices. The new feature is designed to reduce unwanted mass e-mail by requiring a user to complete a simple puzzle before being allowed to send a message to a Member. The idea is that only an actual person would be able to complete the puzzle and that automated mass e-mail programs would be thwarted from blasting offices with repeated form messages.

In the just more than two weeks since it was made available, about 60 Members have added the logic puzzle feature to their Web sites and, anecdotally, offices have said the service helps them respond faster and more effectively to constituents by weeding out mass e-mails.