Immigration, budget both stalled in Congress

Published: Friday April 7, 2006

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In yet another blow to congressional leadership, both houses have seen the bodies' most high-profile pieces of legislation stalled.

In a serious blow to new House Majority Leader Boehner, leadership decided to yank a budget vote once it became clear that appropriators and some GOP would not agree to earmark reform or an emergency-spending fund included in the resolution sent up by the Budget Committee.

At issue was oversight of a $4.3 billion fund for natural disasters. The resolution approved by the Budget Committee would require appropriators to work through the that committee in an emergency to secure those funds.

Stalled in the Senate is an immigration reform deal that was highly publicized just yesterday.

After all but announcing the legislation was cleared, Senate Democrats backed out after the House version included provisions they find to be unacceptable. Many fear that conference committee will choose to include the provisions, virtually locking them into a deal they would have rejected on the Senate floor.

Neither issue is likely to see major movement before Easter recess.