In unscripted moment, Gore says he's a 'recovering politician' who has to worry about 'relapse'

Published: Tuesday May 16, 2006

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Former Vice President Al Gore gave yet another vague hint yesterday in Atlanta that he might be open to a run for the presidency in 2008, RAW STORY has found.

Gore told a reporter for the Atlanta Progressive News, a nascent politics site, that he was a "recovering politican," but added, "You always have to worry about a relapse."

The exchange took place following an Atlanta screening of An Inconvenient Truth, the Tennessee Democrat's new global warming film.

Kalee Kreider, Gore's communications director, did not immediately return a RAW STORY call seeking comment.

According to the Progressive News' account, the site's news editor asked the erstwhile Vice President, Will you please, please run for President?

After the crowd cheered Gore in encouragement, the Progressive News' Matthew Cardinale reports, the former Vice President told the audience, Im a recovering politician, on Step Nine. Thank you for your sentiment.

"Later, after the larger crowd left the theater, APN Staff Writer Susan Keith brought the issue up again in a more private, yet informal gathering in the theater after the show," Cardinale adds. "'Its not a sentiment!' she said, while others in attendance offered their campaign support and said, stop listening to those consultants."

According to the site's account, Gore replied: "Like I said, I'm a recovering politician. But you always have to worry about a relapse."