Iraqis calm after Saddam's execution, protests in Tikrit

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Saturday December 30, 2006

Baghdad/Cairo- The situation in Iraq appeared calm only
hours after the execution of former dictator Saddam Hussein early on
Only in a number of individual incidences Iraqis had broken the
nightly curfew in Baghdad and fired shots in celebration into the
air, the news channel al-Arabiya reported.

A number of small demonstrations were staged by supporters of the
former president in his hometown, Tikrit about 175 kilometres north
of Baghdad, where the curfew had been extended for the duration of
the Eid al-Adha festival during the next four days.

A defence lawyer for Saddam Hussein criticized that the defence
had not been allowed tro witness the execution. She had not been
allowed to enter Iraq, Bushra Chalil told the television channel al-

Saddam was executed on Saturday morning shortly before 6 am (0300

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