Kerry to introduce line-item veto bill

Published: March 6, 2006

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In a statement issued earlier today, Senator John Kerry (D-MA) announced not only his support of President Bush's request for a line-item veto power, but also plans to introduce legislation giving President Bush just such power.

Kerry's plan would have a catch, though: The President's veto would then head to Congress for an up or down vote.

"I'm going to introduce this legislation," Kerry said in a written statement, "Congress should immediately pass it, and I want to see President Bush use this veto pen to get tough on wasteful spending."


Kerry points to $30 billion in spending that is never actually debated in Congress, but was attached to bills that, in their entirety, passed. "Billions of taxpayer dollars are being wasted on things like research to enhance the flavor of roasted peanuts and the infamous 'bridge to nowhere.' We have the largest deficit in American history, and the guys in charge are acting like teenagers with a new credit card."

Kerry concluded his announcement with a shot at Bush: "Let's hold the Presidentís feet to the fire to make sure that a White House that has never once vetoed anything starts vetoing the incomprehensible waste coming out of this Congress."

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