Lieberman calls on Rumsfeld to resign

Published: Monday August 21, 2006

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In an interview yesterday on CBS News's Face the Nation, Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut called for an end to Donald Rumsfeld's tenure as Secretary of Defense.

Referring to an apperance on the show several years before, Lieberman remarked "three years ago in October on this show you asked me and I said that I believe that it was time for new leadership at the Pentagon. I think it's still time for new leadership at the Pentagon."

He added, "With all respect to Don Rumsfeld, who has done a grueling job for six years, we would benefit from new leadership to work with our military in Iraq."

The blog Belgravia Dispatch provided context to Lieberman's claim that he had earlier called for Rumsfeld's resignation.

The full transcript of the CBS News program can be accessed at its website.