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Lieberman withdraws from 'primary'

Published: Tuesday May 23, 2006

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Lieberman Declines Invitation—Stand-in Sought / Statement on Connecticut Online Primary for U.S. Senate

From a press release to RAW STORY.


After initially agreeing, Senator Lieberman has declined our invitation to participate in the Political Action online primary for U.S. Senate in Connecticut.

We invited both candidates to send an e-mail to MoveOn members in Connecticut as part of our endorsement process. When we spoke last Thursday, the Lieberman campaign agreed to submit an e-mail from the Senator or a surrogate as they did during our 2004 online presidential primary. We received notice after 5:00 PM last night that they would not submit an e-mail to MoveOn members for the primary.

The online primary will go forward. We want our members to have the opportunity to hear a case for endorsement from both the Lieberman and Lamont camps, and we hope to provide a stand-in for the senator.