MSNBC questions McCain's temper; Reporter says McCain vexes Senate colleagues

Published: Friday July 7, 2006

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Does Senator John McCain's hot temper and foul language make him a bad choice for leader of this country? Ronald Kessler of wrote a story detailing allegations of McCain's nastier moments highlighted by RAW STORY Thursday. His claims were taken up by MSNBC's Tucker Carlson Thursday evening.

“I think it kinds of makes him look like an interesting character who swears a lot,” Carlson said in response to the piece.

Kessler said the allegations were important because he believes a president must be level-headed.

“If we ignore these clues to character as we did with Richard Nixon, with some other presidents, then we get Watergate," Kessler said. "This is not someone, in the opinion of his Senate colleagues, who dealt with him, that we necessarily want on the nuclear trigger.”

Kessler adds, “His Senate colleagues almost universally despise him -- will not -- did not even support him for president -- there were only four senators who supported him.”