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Concessions give Democrats control of Senate

Published: Thursday November 9, 2006

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The Republican party has effectively conceded the United States Senate to the Democrats, RAW STORY has learned.

Republican Virginia Senator George Allen this afternoon has conceded his seat in the chamber to challenger Jim Webb, giving Democrats a 51-49 majority in the body. Democrats, who gained a sizeable majority in the House of Representatives, now control both chambers of Congress.

"The people of Virginia," Allen said, "have spoken."

The Associated Press reported earlier today that Republican Senator Conrad Burns of Montana has conceded in the race for his Montana seat. "I stand ready to help as Montana transitions to a new United States Senator," Burns said in a statement released to the AP. "We fought the good fight and we came up just a bit short."

"We've had a good 18 years and I am proud of my record," Burns' statement continued.

Jon Tester, Burns' opponent and Democratic Senator-elect, claimed victory yesterday after reports showed that there was more than a 3,000 vote difference, not close enough for Burns to ask for a recount.

Burns isn't sure what his future plans are, but the AP reports that "he indicated he was looking forward to taking some time off."

"I hope there is still a good-sized buck out there, because I am going hunting," Burns' statement said.

In the Virginia race, Challenger Jim Webb was announced the winner by the Associated Press yesterday. Webb declared victory on Tuesday night, but as late as this morning had been yet to receive a congratulatory phone call from Senator Allen.

Allen indicated in his concession today that he had since called Webb, congratulating him and offering his co-operation.