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Man's anti-Bush Christmas light creates furor

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Mike Sheehan and David Edwards
Published: Wednesday December 6, 2006

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A New Mexico man is drawing the ire of neighbors--and his homeowners association--after putting up a politically-charged, lighted sign on his house to go with his holiday decorations.

Roberto Vasquez of Albuquerque told local TV station KOAT that his sign, showing George Bush's name crossed over by a red bar as though banning it, has caused people to shoot at the projector, try to pull out its bulb, and even threaten to "blow up the house."

Vasquez says he's "proud" of his message and defends the sign as "tasteful." His neighborhood HOA, on the other hand, says it's against the rules and wants it to come down. A KOAT reporter says that it "may take a court of law to decide which way to flip the switch."