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Former Cheney aide plans pricey Libby bash Tuesday

John Byrne
Published: Monday June 19, 2006

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Reception to be held at home of Democratic strategist

Conservative political strategist Mary Matalin will host a reception Tuesday night at her home in Alexandria to help augment the defense fund of indicted Cheney aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby according to an invitation read to RAW STORY.

Barbara Comstock, a spokesman for Libby's fund, declined to comment. No one answered the phone at the RSVP line. Libby has been indicted for obstruction of justice and other charges in connection with the CIA leak investigation.

Matalin is married to Democratic strategist James Carville and formerly worked in the Office of the Vice President. It is not known whether Carville will be present at the event. Matalin was also a member of the White House Iraq Group.

According to those familiar with the reception, a mailing for the event included some 17 co-hosts, each contributing $5,000. The co-hosts listed on the mailing include former Commerce Secretary Don Evans, former Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham, Bush political media strategist Mark McKinnon, as well as former Congressman Bob Livingston, Ed Rogers, Rich Galen, David Kean and Bobby Birchfield.

Individual tickets are $500, according to the individual who read the invitation.