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McClellan could be replaced by Iraq spokesman; Bush faith-based chief to quit

Published: Tuesday April 18, 2006

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The Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire floats a new name to replace White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, long believed to be on the outs. The name? Dan Senor, a prominent former spokesman for the US Iraq Coalition Provisional Authority.

More from the Journal's John McKinnon:


The staff shifts at the White House continue, as Bush’s director of faith-based initiatives, Jim Towey, is expected today to announce his departure. Towey is leaving to become president of a small Catholic college. His departure doesn’t appear to be tied to the ongoing shake-up of the administration by incoming chief of staff Josh Bolten. But Towey is by now a long-serving veteran of the administration. His programs also sometimes appeared to get less attention from the White House than many outside advocates wanted.

Separately, talk that longtime White House press secretary Scott McClellan will be replaced continues. One possible replacement: Dan Senor, who served a similar role in Iraq as spokesman for the Coalition Provisional Authority and became a familiar face to many Americans for his briefings. Senor recently married NBC’s Campbell Brown, a “Today” show weekend co-anchor and primary correspondent for “NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams.”