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Mexico's tequila production, exports reach record levels

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Wednesday January 10, 2007

Mexico City- The global success of Mexican tequila is growing, and the North American country posted records in both production and exports in 2006, the Tequila Regulating Council said Wednesday. Mexico exported 140 million litres of its alcoholic national drink last year, a 19.65 per cent increase over the 2005 figure.

Production of tequila - traditionally associated with the state of Jalisco - rose 15.68 per cent, to 242 million litres, the council said.

The largest importer of tequila was the neighbouring United States, with 106 million litres, followed by the European Union with 15.9 million litres. Chile, China, Japan and the Bahamas are also prominent importers.

A total of 778,000 tonnes of agave were used as a raw material for Mexico's 2006 tequila production.

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