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MoveOn: Independent Lieberman run 'reeks of arrogance'

Published: Monday July 3, 2006

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Liberal group MoveOn's director, Eli Pariser, has blasted Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) today for announcing his intention to place his name on the November ballot as an independent in the event that he loses the Democratic primary on August 8th to challenger Ned Lamont.

"This decision reeks of arrogance," said Pariser in a statement today, "Joe Lieberman is holding himself above the democratic process by which his party chooses its candidates."

"But," Pariser added, "clearly he's reading the writing on the wall."

While polls have indicated potentially tough competition from Lamont in the Democratic primary, they also indicate that Lieberman is the clear favorite in the general election. has been critical of Lieberman's support for the war in Iraq, and its Connecticut members voted to endorse Lamont over Lieberman in the organization's "on-line primary."