New GOP Majority Leader revs up lobbying efforts as post-Abramoff reform bills lag

Published: Friday July 14, 2006

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The new Republican Majority Leader is revving up lobbying efforts, according to an article slated for Saturday's New York Times.

"Rep. John A. Boehner won the job of House majority leader amid a post-Abramoff clamor for an overhaul of lobbying and ethics rules," writes Mike McIntire.

"But nearly six months later, the reform proposals are still tied up in Congress," the article continues.

"And far from trying to put the brakes on lobbyists and the money they channel into Republican coffers, Boehner, who has always portrayed his close ties to K Street as something to be proud of, has stepped on the gas," writes McIntire.

"He has been holding fundraisers at lobbyists' offices, flying to political events on corporate planes and hobnobbing at a golf resort with business groups that have a direct stake in issues before Congress," reports the Times.

"Tapping a rich vein of longstanding relationships with lobbyists and their corporate clients, Boehner has raised campaign contributions at a rate of about $20,000 a day since February, surpassing the pace set by former Rep. Tom DeLay after he became majority leader in 2002, a review of federal filings shows," McIntire writes.

"Mr. Boehner’s biggest donors include the political action committees of lobbying firms, drug and cigarette makers, banks, health insurers, oil companies and defense contractors. Seven American Indian tribes with casinos have contributed $32,000," the Times reports.