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New Jersey GOP chair says Democratic state senator wanted Zarqawi to live

Published: Thursday June 8, 2006

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New Jersey Republican Chairman Tom Wilson released the following statement today:

"We owe a debt of gratitude to the men and women of our military for having eliminated one of the top masterminds of the Al Queda terrorist organization that was responsible for 9/11 and countless other murderous acts around globe. Their triumph marks a significant moment in the war against terror.

"However, this moment also provides a clear and compelling reminder of why Bob Menendez should not be sitting in the United States Senate. If Bob Menendez had his way, Zarqawi would still be leading a campaign of car bombings, assassinations, suicide attacks, kidnapping and beheadings in order to make Iraq a safe haven from which al Qaeda could continue its war against freedom and the American way of life. If Bob Menendez had his way, Mr. Zarqawi would be alive and plotting the next attack on America, Great Britain, Canada or who knows where."