New ad gay-baits RNC chief Mehlman

Published: Tuesday October 31, 2006

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A new ad, set to debut at 3:30 today, will parody an ad accused of race-baiting Tennessee Democrat Harold Ford by gay-baiting Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman. An advanced copy of the ad has been acquired by RAW STORY and is viewable below.

The ad, produced by Proud of Who We Are and BlogActive, is a parody mocking the the RNC's now-infamous "call me" ad. That spot, which the RNC eventually pulled this month, showed a scantily clad white actress saying she met Ford at "the Playboy party." It ended with her asking the congressman to call her. Many analysts believe it was produced to play on racist fears of interracial relationships.

The new ad uses the same format to reference Mehlman's widely-rumored homosexuality.

"[I'm] tired of people like Ken Mehlman using lies and personal attacks in an effort to manipulate elections," said BlogActive's Mike Rogers in a statement to RAW STORY. "If Ken Mehlman got the entire mainstream media to give precious air time and column inches to his race-baiting ad, I'm sure they will have no problem reporting the response."

"And," he added, "there's a big difference between Mehlman's ad and our response: Ours is honest."

The parody ad script:

Young man: "Ken Mehlman makes race-baiting ads. Yet he still wants my vote. Isn't that enough?"

Woman on street: "Ken Mehlman did favors for convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff? (Laughs) So what? Me? I think government's a little TOO honest."

Young man wearing camouflage: "I don't mind risking my life in Iraq. As long as the Bush twins get to party in New York."

Minister holding Bible: "Ken Mehlman's right. I SHOULD get my congregation to vote with him, and just forget that his friends covered up the Foley page scandal."

Young man in tank top: "Ken Mehlman and I went to an inauguration event. We had a great time! And, we saw President Bush."

Young woman: "I don't mind having my pocket picked by the big drug companies. They give money to Ken Mehlman."

Man in sunglasses: "Ken Mehlman helped George Bush steal the 2004 election. But uh, what the heck? Doesn't everybody do that?"

Title screen: Ken Mehlman. He's just not straight with Americans.

Voiceover: " and Proud of Who We Are heartily approve of this parody ad."

Young man in tank top again: "Ken call me!"

Title screen:


Editor's note: Mike Rogers is a former RAW STORY employee.