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Olbermann mocks DeLay for 'ghost blogging'

David Edwards and Ron Brynaert
Published: Tuesday December 12, 2006
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On Monday's edition of MSNBC's Countdown, host Keith Olbermann mocked former Congressman Tom DeLay for using "ghost bloggers" to write his blog.

DeLay, who resigned as House Majority Leader after being indicted in 2005 by a Texas grand jury on criminal charges of conspiracy to violate election laws three years earlier, formally launched his new "career" as a blogger on Monday. For unknown reasons, the site went up early, on Sunday, allowing critics to leave unfiltered comments for at least "75 minutes," as Raw Story reported.

Web users managed to save a copy of the Sunday "preview," which was then published on a new blog, where it still retains a number of objectionable comments, which may have shut down the once-open threads.

Some commenters had either mockingly or fervently expressed hope that the former Republican Congressman would be convicted--even raped by other inmates in prison--while others made liberal use of the f-word.

Olbermann played a clip from Hardball in which DeLay admitted that he didn't do the actual writing at his blog.

"I'm not a very good writer," DeLay said. "I have the ideas and I have somebody else put the words together."

Olbermann retorted that DeLay doesn't understand that one of the points of having a blog is "to blog," before showing some of the less nasty comments originally left at the former "hammer's" web site before they were squashed.

"Everyone already assumes bloggers are unemployed losers," wrote one commenter, "thanks for reinforcing that stereotype..."

In an interview with the blog Right Wing News, DeLay characterized the comments left at his blog as an attempt to shut him down, then lamented that the right doesn't "attack" enough.

"The left does that to us and if you look at the comments made on my blog in less than 24 hours, they're going to try to shut me down by attacking me," DeLay said.

"When was the last time the Republicans or conservatives attacked the left for their outrageous comments or outrageous activities?" DeLay continued. "We don't attack. It's time to start attacking and be aggressive about what you believe and fighting for your beliefs."

Excerpts from Countdown: