Oliver Stone 9/11 movie being marketed towards conservatives, evangelicals

Ron Brynaert
Published: Friday July 21, 2006

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Oliver Stone's soon-to-be-released film about two New York City Port Authority police officers who were buried in the rubble in the 9/11 attacks is being marketed towards conservatives and evangelicals by Paramount Pictures, RAW STORY has found.

"Paramount Pictures is in the midst of a campaign to win over conservatives and evangelicals to support Oliver Stone's new movie, "World Trade Center," writes Robert B. Bluey for The Right Angle at Human Events Online. "A private screening of the film last night in Washington, D.C., brought out big names on the right, and similar events are planned nationwide before the film opens on August 9."

"The conservative and evangelical outreach is being directed by Greg Mueller and his firm, Creative Response Concepts," writes Bluey.

According to a Salon report written two years ago, Creative Response Concepts, which is run by two former communication directors for Pat Buchanan, has represented such clients as "the Christian Coalition, National Taxpayers Union, Media Research Council and Regnery Publishing," and also did some work for the Swift Boat Vets against John Kerry.

"Spotted in the crowd were Tony Blankley, Brendan Conway and Blake Dvorak of the Washington Times; Kate O'Beirne and John J. Miller of National Review; Mariam Bell, of the Wilberforce Forum; Charmaine Yoest of the Family Research Council; Cliff May of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies; and Seth Leibsohn, producer for Bill Bennett's radio show," Bluey writes for The Right Angle.

In the past, controversial director has drawn the wrath of many conservatives with his trilogy of Vietnam films (Platoon, Born On The 4th of July, and Heaven & Earth) which were critical of the war that Stone had once fought in, and his films on JFK and Nixon which many on the right attacked for perceived inaccuracies and "conspiratorial" storylines.

Last year, conservative Debbie Schlussel slammed "America-hater" Oliver Stone after learning he would be making World Trade Center.

"One wonders whether his version of 9/11 will be a Leni Riefanstahl-esque propaganda documentary like that he made about Arafat; a phony conspiracy theory movie, like "JFK," parading as real history; or a "Platoon"-like film in which American soldiers are either drug addicts and evil," wrote Schlussel. "And he's attacking America's kids on THEIR knowledge of history?!"

But conservatives appear to be raving about Stone's new film.

"Attendees at last night's screening are giving it rave reviews," writes Bluey for The Right Angle. "Among them was Jack Yoest, who said "Stone may have redeemed himself." On National Review's The Corner, Cliff May wrote, "God Bless Oliver Stone." And John Miller added, "'World Trade Center' deserves a big box office."

L. Brent Bozell calls the film 'a masterpiece.'

"It is appropriate, indeed necessary, for everyone else, just as it is appropriate, and necessary, for Mr. Stone’s critics now to salute him, and thank him for the gift he’s given his country," Bozell writes.

Michelle Malkins wonders if "Hell [is] freezing over."

"I haven't been invited to any screenings, so I'll be reserving skeptical judgement with the rest of you," Malkin writes.

Malkin does point to at least one negative review by a prominent conservative. The New York Post's John Podhoretz review is entitled STONE SINKS.

While Podhoretz notes that the film is "undeniably powerful," he gives a thumbs down review "because "World Trade Center" tells a story of joyous survival rather than a story of death, it is a fundamental falsification of the meaning of 9/11 - even though the story it tells is true," and that it doesn't "hold a candle either artistically or thematically to 'United 93,'" a film released in the spring.