Video: Parody of Al Gore film tied to ExxonMobil lobbying firm

Published: Thursday August 3, 2006

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An online parody of Al Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth, has been tied to a lobbying firm which counts ExxonMobil among its clients, The Wall Street Journal reported today.

The online YouTube profile, which is where the film is hosted, indicates that it was made by a twenty-nine year old working in his Beverly Hill basement. A Wall Street Journal investigation included and email exchange with the gentleman, nicknamed "Toutsmith." Research in to the routing of the email revealed that it was sent from the offices of DCI Group, the firm which ExxonMobil has a contract with.

The Journal report said:

A DCI Group spokesman declines to say whether or not DCI made the anti-Gore penguin video, or to explain why Toutsmith appeared to be sending email from DCI's computers. "DCI Group does not disclose the names of its clients, nor do we discuss the work that we do on our clients' behalf," says Matt Triaca, who heads DCI's media relations shop.

Dave Gardner, an Exxon spokesman, confirms that Exxon is a client of DCI. But he says Exxon had no role in creating the "Inconvenient Truth" spoof. "We, like everyone else on the planet, have seen it, but did not fund it, did not approve it, and did not know what its source was," Mr. Gardner says.

The video follows....