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Pelosi offers nice Capitol Hill digs to outgoing Hastert

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Published: Tuesday December 5, 2006

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In what is described as a "random act of bipartisan kindness," incoming Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reportedly offered her Republican predecessor Dennis Hastert prized office space during the 110th Congress, according to a report in today's Roll Call.

The article in the "Heard on the Hill" gossip column by Mary Ann Akers suggests that Pelosi will not house the controversial former Speaker of the House in a less desirable space. While he loses the office with a balcony he has occupied, Hastert will take over the coveted office of the outgoing Republican chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, who is retiring at the end of the 109th Congress.

The office provides a favored view of the National Mall. Roll Call also presents the possibility that the move could result in some controversy among House Democrats.

The full article is accessible to Roll Call subscribers at this link. An excerpt is provided below.


A well-placed GOP source says that Pelosi, in a random act of bipartisan kindness that will surely irk Members on both sides of the aisle, has decided to reward Hastert with the plush and coveted Capitol office suite now held by retiring Ways and Means Chairman Bill Thomas (R-Calif.).

In other words, while Hastert won’t have a balcony any more, he still will enjoy a gorgeous view of the National Mall, courtesy of Pelosi.

Pelosi made the hush-hush agreement to give H-163 and H-164 to the outgoing Speaker, our source says — essentially “rewarding the person who had the most to do with making her Speaker.”

Neither Pelosi’s office nor Hastert’s office would comment on the supposed move. But expect some major complaints to be lodged by other Members of the leadership of both parties, and maybe even a reshuffling of Hastert to a more, shall we say, pedestrian office space.