Poll: 48% back military action against Iran if government continues pursuing nuclear technology

Published: Wednesday April 12, 2006

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A poll conducted by the Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg reveals that 48% of Americans would back military action against Iran if the government continues pursuing nuclear technology, RAW STORY has found.

However, a majority (54%) of the poll's respondents indicated that they don't believe President Bush will make the "right decision."

Excerpts from the article set for Thursday's edition of the LA Times:


Americans are divided over the prospect of U.S. military action against Iran if the government in Tehran continues to pursue nuclear technology -- and a majority do not trust President Bush to make the "right decision" on that issue, a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll has found.

Asked whether they would support military action if Iran continued to produce material that could be used to develop nuclear weapons, 48 percent of the poll's respondents said yes; 40 percent said no.

If Bush were to order military action, most respondents said they would support airstrikes against Iranian targets, but only about 1 in 4 said they would support the use of U.S. ground troops in Iran.

The findings of the poll, conducted largely before Iran announced Monday that it had enriched uranium for civilian energy generation, reflected public concern about Iran's acquisition of nuclear technology, as well as public division over the best U.S. response.

A solid majority of respondents, 61 percent, said they believed Iran eventually would get nuclear weapons. Only 15 percent said they believed Iran would be prevented from developing nuclear weapons through diplomatic negotiations, and 12 percent said they thought Iran would be stopped through military action.