Poll: Just 29% say U.S. winning Iraq war

Published: Tuesday March 14, 2006

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A new CBS poll finds that Americans are taking increasingly negative views of the war in Iraq, and still-low approval of the Commander-in-Chief.

Just 15% of Americans reported to pollsters that they believe it is "very likely" that the U.S. will succeed in Iraq. Fully 54% believe that there will "never" be a stable democracy in Iraq--up from 31% in 2003.

It goes on to find Bush's approval stuck at an all-time low of 34%, with two thirds reporting that they believe portrays an overly optimistic view of events to the public. Just 29% reported believing that the United States is actually winning the war.

The poll seems to link increasingly negative views of the Iraq War with a decline in Bush's popularity.

Bush seems to have lost his primary argument to the American people, his claim that a stable, democratic Iraq would bring greater safety to the American people. Fully 64% believe that a stable Iraq will make no difference to the safety of Americans, and another 5% say they think the United States will be less safe if Iraq is governed as a Democracy. Perhaps most shocking is that 71% reported that they believed a civil war was happening in Iraq "right now."

The full report can be read in PDF format here.