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Polytechnic students create low-fat version of Chinese sausage

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Tuesday January 9, 2007

Singapore- A low-fat version of a popular Chinese sausage
has been created by three Singapore Polytechnic students, news
reports said on Wednesday.
After a year in the food laboratory, the trio devised a healthier
version of "lap cheong" which meets health promotion board

"The unhealthy parts of the traditional sausage are the salt and
fat," The Straits Times quoted Ivan Siew, 24, as saying.

He and two other chemical process technology students used lean
pork, a fat replacement gel made of a plant-based carbohydrate with
high dietary fibre and reduced the salt.

The first attempt was "very, very hard and brown," Siew told the

After months of efforts, the students produced a version which has
the same texture, red colour, feel and taste, but not the grease of
the original version.

The sausages will be produced by Golden Glory Food Industries and
on the shelves of stores in time for the Chinese New Year next month.

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