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Raw acquires Bush wiretap subpoena

Larry Womack
Published: Tuesday August 29, 2006

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United States President George W. Bush is due to receive a subpoena for a wide range of information relating to National Security Agency wiretaps recently ruled illegal, according to documents obtained by RAW STORY.

Two attorneys--one a former Green Party nominee for Senate--earlier told RAW STORY that the subpoenaes, which may be read below, have already been dispatched, and should be arriving at the White House in the coming days. Aside from their accounts, RAW STORY cannot yet verify that the documents were actually sent.

However, authorities in New Jersey have confirmed that activist attorneys Bruce Afran and Carl Mayer, who say they represent hundreds of plaintiffs in lawsuits against Verizon, have both been licensed to practice law in the state since 1986. Both are also widely known to be attached to the case.

The subpoenaes, directed to President George Bush, the White House Office of Legal Counsel, the Department of Justice, and the Chief Legal Counsel for Verizon, seek a variety of information regarding "any ongoing or continuing, policy, contract, transaction, continuing transfer of data or records or other similar or analogous arrangement or understanding" betwen the US government and Verizon, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, BellSouth, Cellco, Sprint and Sprint Nextel.

Mayer earlier explained to RAW STORY that the subpoena seeks to learn "whether the Bush administration has unlawfully targeted journalists, peace activists, libertarians, members of congress or generated an 'enemies list.'"

The full subpoena may be read below. The original document may also be viewed in PDF format here.



[Editor's note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified Mr. Afran as a current candidate for Senate. In fact, his Senate run ended in the 2000 election cycle. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.]