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Reid aides deny 'Dem leader Hillary' reports

Published: Thursday August 3, 2006

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The office of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is denying a report that Reid will offer Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) his leadership post in exchange for giving up her presidential ambitions, RAW STORY has learned.

Reid's office has indicated to RAW STORY that the report, appearing at the site Washington Note, is "one hundred percent untrue."

The site had reported that, "What Reid is offering Senator Hillary Clinton is his total, robust support to succeed him as Senate Majority Leader if she elects not to pursue the Democratic nomination for President." It also indicated that Republicans from the northeast were floating the idea of Clinton in a leadership role to fellow GOP.

Clinton continues to lead in Democratic polls for 2008, but often trails Republican candidates like John McCain (D-AZ). Sources, according to the note, have indicated that Clinton would be "welcomed" in a leadership role.

Senator Clinton's office did not immediately return calls for comment.