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Reuters fires editor over Coulter book

Published: Monday October 9, 2006

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Reuters editor Joe Maguire has parted ways with the news agency after it reviewed a copy of his upcoming book, Brainless: The Lies and Lunacy of Ann Coulter, according to a report in today's New York Times.

According to a website promoting the book, called Ann Coulter Is Brainless, "In BRAINLESS, journalist Joe Maguire takes an incisive look at Coulter, both the private and the public personas, and takes aim at those issues at the helm of her agenda – 9/11, Iraq, abortion, Christianity, the Democratic Party, and gender and race issues to name a few – and uncovers her contradictory statements, her questionable research, and her insatiable and socio-pathic need to say just about anything to stay in the spotlight."

Excerpts from the registration-restricted Times story follow:


“There was a difference of opinion about the approval I received to write this book,” Mr. Maguire said. “I thought I had met the conditions, and proceeded accordingly. As a result, I no longer work there.”


Reuters confirmed that Mr. Maguire was granted conditional approval to write his book on Ms. Coulter — a conservative lightning rod, author and TV talking head. When asked what changed once the book was ready, a company statement pointed to Reuters’ principles of “integrity, independence and freedom from bias.” The statement reads: “Our editorial policy and The Reuters Trust Principles are prominently displayed for all to see on Mr. Maguire’s book will soon be available. Both speak for themselves.”


A Reuters employee who insisted on anonymity out of concern at angering management said that the 20 or so employees at the markets desk where Mr. Maguire had been one of two editors in charge “took a group coffee break” in solidarity on Thursday.

On Friday, [one Reuters] employee said, there was a meeting with Reuters management informing the workers there that Mr. Maguire would no longer be working there and that they “weren’t allowed to ask why.” Printed copies of the principles of trust were handed out, however.