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Right-wing icon: Republicans have failed this country

Published: Wednesday November 8, 2006

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Conservative activist Richard Viguerie has released a statement that blasts the GOP's Congressional leadership in the wake of the loss of both the House and Senate.

"Every single member of the Republican leadership in the House should be replaced," says Viguerie. "They have failed the conservatives who put them in office, and they have failed the people of this country."

Viguerie attacks what he desribes as "the Big Business wing of the Republican Party" and urges GOP leaders to "get out of the way, and let a new generation of young, principled conservatives take their place," according to the release.

"Congressional Republicans should move as fast as they can to distance themselves from the Bush White House," says Viguerie. "That's the only way to come back from this disaster."

Excerpts from the press release follow...


"Yesterday's mid-term elections were a referendum on George W. Bush and his war on Iraq. Voters couldn't vote to fire Bush, so they did the next best thing -- they fired his party, in the House, in the Senate, in the statehouses around the Nation."


"This election," Viguerie said, "was also a referendum on the so-called 'neoconservatives' -- the Big Government Republicans who took us into a nation-building war while they busted the budget and enriched Big Business and its K Street lobbyists."

Viguerie said, "The only thing Denny Hastert & Company cared about was holding onto power. That's what led them to become Kings of Pork. That's what led them to protect the likes of Mark Foley."

MAJORITIES FAVOR SMALLER GOVERNMENT, TRADITIONAL VALUES: "One thing this election was NOT is a repudiation of conservatism. The twin pillars of conservatism -- smaller government and traditional values -- have the support of the same voters who threw out the Republican Congress."