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Saddam believes U.S. may reinstate him as president

Published: Saturday June 24, 2006

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Saddam Hussein believes that President Bush may reinstate him as president some day, according to a story slated for Sunday's New York Times, RAW STORY has found.

"Saddam Hussein has no illusions, his chief lawyer says," writes Edward Wong. "As he sits in his prison cell reading the Quran and writing poetry, he knows the inevitable is coming -- a death sentence handed down by the Iraqi court trying him for crimes against humanity."

"Yet Saddam refuses to submit to the fate that awaits him, Khalil al-Dulaimi, said, for he believes there is a way out," the article continues. "According to Mr. Hussein's logic, President Bush will use the court's sentence as leverage to try to persuade him to tamp down the insurgency, so desperate are the Americans to stanch their losses."

"Mr. Hussein believes the Americans might even reinstall him as president of Iraq, his lawyer said," Wong writes.

Excerpts from article:


"He'll be the last resort; they'll knock on his door," Mr. Dulaimi said, tapping a pair of gold-rimmed glasses against his knee. "The United States will use this sentence to pressure Saddam to save it from its mess."

Such are the thoughts that appear to be meandering through the mind of Mr. Hussein, 69, as his first trial nears its end. Though the idea of salvation may seem quixotic at best, the latest in a long line of delusions that have helped land Mr. Hussein where he is today, Mr. Dulaimi asserts that Mr. Hussein's hopes do not lie merely in the realm of fantasy. On the contrary, he said, it is the Americans who are now beginning to wake up from a dream world, realizing that their invasion has delivered Iraq into the hands of conservative Shiites in both Iraq and Iran.

"The Iranian influence is a threat to American interests," Mr. Dulaimi said. "The only person standing in the face of Iran, which is an enemy of America, is Saddam Hussein."