Scarborough Country debates if Bush is an 'idiot'

Published: Tuesday August 15, 2006

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MSNBC's Scarborough Country discussed the topic "Is Bush an idiot?" on Tuesday's show, RAW STORY has learned.

Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund admitted that President Bush may be "inarticulate" but that didn't necessarily mean that he was "stupid."

"Voltaire once said that common sense is both rare and a lot more important to successful leadership than intelligence," said Fund. "And I agree."

The segment included a clip from Comedy Central's Daily Show with Jon Stewart which focused on Bush's joint press conference with Germany Chancellor Merkel during his recent visit. Bush repeatedly joked about the feast planned in his honor which featured pig as the main course, even when asked about the war in Lebanon which had just recently erupted at the time.

Political analyst Lawrence O'Donnell said that Bush was "possibly" the easiest president to make fun of, and that he didn't understand how anyone could defend him as being especially smart, unless they worked "very closely with him," since he hardly ever displays a "public exhibition of a dazzling intelligence."

"It's almost like the more he stumbles over his tongue, the more he realizes that he may be overmatched by the english language," said former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough.

"It seems like he's losing confidence by the day," Scarborough added.