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Stations pull Dem ad for using 'inappropriate' quotes from GOP Senator

Published: Friday September 22, 2006

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Television stations in Montana have been warned that an advertisement produced by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee containing statements made by Republican Senator Conrad Burns may be inappropriate for television. The warning came from the Montana Broadcaster's Association, Congressional Quarterly is reporting.

One station, KTVQ, pulled the ad after one viewing. The station manager told Congressional Quarterly he was "absolutely appalled" that someone had found the ad to be appropriate for television.

The ad included statements made by Burns, including the phrase "piss poor" and the Senator's claim that a firefighter hadn't "done a God damned thing," during a now-infamous July encounter at a Montana airport.

Burns is in a closely contested race for reelection against Democratic opponent John Tester.

Excerpts from the subscription only article follow:


The Montana Broadcasters Association cautioned television stations statewide about airing a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee-sponsored ad critical of Sen. Conrad Burns, R-Mont., because the video contains language that might be considered inappropriate.

The commercial in question, which starts praising firefighters as heroes, quickly changes to quotes from an alleged confrontation Burns had with several firefighters in July while waiting for a flight at the Billings airport, the Billings Gazette reported.

"But Conrad Burns said they had done, quote, 'a piss poor job,' and while pointing at one, 'he hasn't done a Goddamned thing,'" said the ad's announcer.