Storm Gordon reaches Spain - one injured

Deutsche Presse Agentur
Published: Thursday September 21, 2006

Madrid- Tropical storm Gordon swept Thursday to the northwestern Spanish region of Galicia, injuring at least one person and cutting traffic links, news reports said. The hurricane, which had formed above the Atlantic last week, weakened to a storm before reaching Portugal's Azores Islands, where it caused only slight damage before heading for Galicia.

Joining a cold front, Gordon gathered strength and packed winds of 130 kilometres an hour, knocking over traffic lights, containers, placards as well as trees which blocked roads.

A tree fell on the car of a police officer, who was taken to hospital in La Coruna province. His condition was not serious.

The storm also tore roofs off a few buildings and caused power cuts.

Some flights to or from Santiago de Compostela or La Coruna suffered cancellations or delays. Many fishing boats remained moored while the storm raised waves of up to 7 metres.

Galicia had cancelled classes in schools and erected coastal barriers to prevent the storm from sweeping ashes into the sea after wildfires ravaged more than 80,000 hectares of vegetation in the summer.

Eleven other Spanish regions were also on alert. In neighbouring Portugal, winds and rain unrelated to Gordon were expected in 11 districts.

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