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TIME: Bush's five point plan to 'rescue' his presidency

Published: Sunday April 23, 2006

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TIME Magazine's Mike Allen outlines a "five-point plan" posited by President Bush's new chief of staff Josh Bolten to "rescue" the Bush presidency in magazines to hit newsstands Monday.

The five key points include:

1) "Deploy guns and badges" -- to play to the conservative base on illegal immigration, using the cloak of Homeland Security.

2) Make Wall Street happy through tax cuts.

3) Brag more ("highlight the glimmer of success in Iraq").

4) Reclaim security by playing tough with Iran (On Iran, "Democrats will lose").

5) Court the press (pffer Tony Snow of Fox News the job of White House press secretary)

Excerpts from the TIME article follow, on the five points the Bush White House plans to use to revify a presidency whose poll numbers -- even by Fox News estimates, place the president at a 33 percent approval rating.

Read the full article here. Excerpts follow.


Deploy Guns and Badges

Under the banner of homeland security, the White House plans to seek more funding for an extremely visible enforcement crackdown at the Mexican border.

Make Wall Street Happy

In an effort to curry favor with dispirited Bush backers in the investment world, the Administration will focus on two tax measures already in the legislative pipeline to please investors.

Brag More

White House officials.... are planning a more focused and consistent effort to talk about the [Medicare] program's successes after months of press reports on start-up difficulties... and highlight any glimmer of success in Iraq....

Reclaim Security Credibility

Presidential advisers believe that by putting pressure on Iran, Bush may be able to rehabilitate himself on national security, a core strength that has been compromised by a discouraging outlook in Iraq.

Court The Press

Administration officials said [new White House chief of staff Josh Bolten] believes the White House can work more astutely with journalists to make its case to the public.... His first move... was to offer the press secretary job to Tony Snow of Fox News... who served George H.W. Bush as speechwriting director.