Taiwan singer's "atheist" song triggers protests

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Friday December 22, 2006

Taipei- Chinese-American hip-hop singer Stanley Huang's new
album has triggered strong protests from religious believers because
the title song is about atheism, a newspaper said on Saturday.
Since radio and TV played "Atheist Like Me," the lead song in the
album, Huang's record company has been receiving more than 100 phone
calls protesting the content of the song, the China Times daily

Huang's record company said it was prepared for the controversy
and Huang stressed the song was to show his view on love, and had
nothing to do with religion, the China Times said.

But the protests kept pouring in, via telephone and email, forcing
Huang's record company to shut its website for three days, the paper

In his song, written by himself, Huang says he does not believe
in god or reincarnation, but believes in love.

It's not clear who has been offended by Huang's song, but most
of Taiwanese are Buddhists while the rest are Catholics, Christians,
Muslims and atheists.

Huang, 31, grew up in Los Angeles and was a member of the LA Boyz.
He stepped out on his own in 2000 with his album "Your Side."
He has released five albums of Chinese songs.

"Atheists Like Me" will be released in Asia on December 29. Huang
will hold six concerts in Taiwan between now and January 6 to promote
his new album.

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