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Teen footballer changes hair colour to suit Singapore magistrate

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Thursday November 9, 2006

Singapore- A young footballer charged with having sex with a 12-year-old girl was ordered to return to a Singapore court with his dyed brown hair changed back to its natural black, news reports said Friday. "How can you go to school with dyed hair?" The Straits Times quoted Juvenile Court magistrate Wong Li Tein as asking the 15-year- old.

"You can't be bothered by the school rules. You look like a hooligan."

Wong adjourned the case from Thursday morning to the afternoon.

On resuming, the youth admitted that he had sex with the girl on August 26 on a staircase landing of a block of flats.

The police prosecutor said the juvenile began a relationship with the girl after meeting her through an internet chatroom earlier this year.

The girl subsequently felt guilty. A police report was lodged when her parents learned of the incident.

Wong warned the footballer not to have any more contact with the girl.

"You want to tackle, you tackle football," she said.

He was released on 6,000 Singapore dollars (3,821 US dollars) bail. Sentencing was scheduled for December 12.

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