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Ten US soldiers killed in attacks around Iraq

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Wednesday October 18, 2006

Baghdad- Ten US soldiers were killed in separate attacks around Iraq on Tuesday, the US military disclosed Wednesday. It said four soldiers were killed early Tuesday morning by a roadside bomb targeting their vehicle west of Baghdad.

Three others were killed and one wounded during operations Tuesday in Diyala province, the military said.

In three further separate incidents, a US soldier was killed when militants opened fire at his patrol in northern Baghdad, a soldier was killed during operations in al-Anbar province, and one other soldier was killed north of Baghdad when a roadside bomb struck his vehicle.

The single-day death toll was one of the highest ever suffered by US forces in the Iraq conflict to date.

Meanwhile in further violence Wednesday, a car bomb exploded in central Baghdad, inflicting a number of casualties, eyewitnesses reported.

They said the bomb apparently had targeted a police patrol which was in the process of bringing a defendant to court in the Andalus square.

The number of casualties in the blast was not initially known.

In a political development, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has ordered the release of a cleric affiliated with anti-American Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr a day after his arrest by US forces, Iraq's official television station al-Iraqiya reported.

There was no immediate clarification of why al-Maliki ordered the release of the Shiite cleric Mazen al-Sa'edi, the office manager of al-Sadr's group in the town of Karkh.

Al-Sa'edi was reportedly arrested by US forces Tuesday in the Sho'la district in western Baghdad, with media reports saying the Americans had suspected him of having directed kidnappings, killings and torture of Sunnis and Shiites and also attacking US forces.

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