Bush cutting back visits to Crawford ranch amid protests, paper to report

Published: Sunday April 2, 2006

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Since last summer President Bush's visits to Crawford, Texas have been "less visible," which some experts link to demonstrations of antiwar protesters held nearby his ranch, according to an article set for the Waco Tribune-Herald in Monday editions.

According to the Tribune-Herald, the police chief of Waco has said President Bush will not be celebrating Easter there with his family, as he has done in the past.

Not everyone agrees that the protesters have kept the President away. Some just point to his busy schedule.

The report, by Dan Genz, points out that since protesters have staked out what Bush used to call his "little slice of heaven," the president has not hosted foreign officials or even held a news conference there.

Excerpts from the forthcoming article:


"That used to be his sanctuary, out in the middle of rural Texas where he could get his mind off his troubles," said Bruce Buchanan, a professor of political science at the University of Texas who specializes in presidents. "And now his troubles are right down the street."


"If you look at presidents throughout history, they have all wanted to escape Washington to get away from it all," said James Riddlesperger, chairman for political science at Texas Christian University. "If you look at the White House, it can be the first residence or the first prison."

The added attention at Crawford makes it less of a getaway than it was in the first term, Riddlesperger said.

"My guess is that Crawford is a little less inviting than it used to be," he said.